What Is The Difference Between Mechanical Mouse And Optical Mouse?


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For me, the important differences are that an optical mouse works reliably without a mouse pad on almost any surface, and it is lighter than a mechanical mouse.

A mechanical mouse has a ball that turns rollers inside. If friction is lost between the ball and the mousing surface, or between the ball and the rollers, the mouse fails to work. In order to assure good contact with the mousing surface, the ball must be fairly heavy. When you change directions with the mouse, you must make the ball change rolling directions--an action that inertia likes to prevent.

An optical mouse makes use of an LED and some optics to detect surface texture and the changes in it as the mouse is moved. There are no moving parts. My optical mouse works on all the surfaces I've tried it on except the white plastic fold-up tables. For those, a piece of paper serves as a suitable "mouse pad".
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The difference is that the mechanical mouse works with a little ball inside and must be kept free from lint, whereas the optical mouse runs bt using a laser and has no moving parts
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The mechanical mouse is the one which has a trackball on its lower side. The sensors inside this mouse are mechanical. On the contrary, In an optical mouse the movements of the mouse are detected through laser and there are no mechanical movements in it. It is also much quicker than the mechanical one.
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please give me difference between optical and mechanical mice in two column format?

and mechanical switch with diagram?

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