how to use gmail smtp server for sending mail?


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is one of the major popular email services in the world. People
across the world knew about it and most of them use it as a medium of
the email services. Apart from sending email it is one of the
important email services which help you to allow chats, blogging and
video blogging as well as sharing of DOCS, presentation and files.
One of the common problem user face is regarding of the how to use
gmail smtp server for sending mail. In order resolve the issue, one
can take the help of gmail tech support or follow this simple

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    One need to log into the your
    Gmail account.

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    Then one has to go to setting
    of POP3 and SMTP of the Gmail.

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    Then one has to click on the
    Gear at the top right corner.

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    Then one has to further click
    on the settings.

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    Now on Click on the Accounts
    POP3, SMTP Gmail and then click on the accounts tab.

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    Again, then check mail from
    other accounts,

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    Further one has to click on
    Add a POP3 mail account on your own.

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    Then click on Next POP3,
    SMTP, and Gmail and further enter your domain’s email address and
    click on next step.

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    Now again one has to click on
    the Gmail POP client setup and enter your POP3 information .

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    Again one has to enter
    on the click ADD account.

  • ·
    One will see a message
    starting at your mail account has been added.

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    Further one has to set the
    email to send the mail.

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    ON the case of send mail
    through SMTP server page, one has to fill your SMTP server and then
    further Username and then email password again click on ADD account.

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    Again gmail will sent you a
    email verification code to their address one just added. One has to
    click on the link email and further enter the code in order to click
    on verify.

  • ·
    Enter your name POP3 SMTP
    GmailEnter your Name.

  • ·
    Click Next Step.

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