Do your kids play on their smartphones? If so, what kind of games are they allowed to play?


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Yin And Yang Profile
Yin And Yang answered

The Yin and Yang household plays Pokemon Go.

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Karl Sagan answered

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Nealious James answered

Hi Daniel! Kids are now being introduced to tablets at primary school, it is hence hard to prevent them from playing on the device when they are free! I personally pick all their apps, and these days, we are all love playing this arcade-style platformer: . I actually end up playing more than them at times, it’s so addictive! Other apps that I also allow the kids to enjoy are:’s Pokémon Go,’s Toca Kitchen 2 and a personal favourite of mine that is called LEGO® DUPLO® Train. You can refer to this list: for more things to consider for your little ones. Do have fun!

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