Well i think i screwed up my flat screen tv i was spaying it and wiping it down with glass cleaner but it must of leaked down before i could wipe and now i cannot control volume or channel i figure letting it dry out your ideas??


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Walmart has black Friday today and tomorrow.

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sounds like you junked it i dont think your supposed to wipe the tv no matter how tempting it is probably the best you can do is wipe it with a dry rag and i dont know if the warrenty would cover that

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Ray Dart answered

I'd give it a day or two to dry.

I emptied a bottle of Bud into the keyboard of my Toshiba Laptop many years ago (not recommended, it was an accident). Nothing worked. 3 days later, after careful draining and drying, it popped back into life.

I used it for the next 2 years without fault....

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Aim a fan at it to circulate the air so it dries out. I hope it dries out soon and makes a full recovery. Also with my dogs a dry cloth doesn't always cut cleaning the tv, so I spray the rag and then wipe the tv. Nothing can run down that way.

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