how technology revolutioned our life?


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Lets think of it this way:

Imagine yourself clothed in dead animal skins or woven vegetation, living in a grove of trees from which you gather the only food available. You fear thunder and eclipses and night demons. This, for the entirety of the 25-30 years of life expectancy.

Now, look around you: Everything that differs from the scenario I described, and everything that built it, is the result of technology.

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Technology  revolutionalised our life in a huge way. For eg;

1.earlier people could not easily talk to their relatives or friends who lived in the same town or country as them , forget accross the country, but with the coming of phones , people can talk easily with whoever they want within a minute and without any problem of high cost .

2. Earlier clothes used to be handmade which was a very long process and also increased the price of the goods but with industrialisation , goods were produced in large scale and didn't even cost a lost and were quite cheap and affordable .

3. Currently technology is everywhere you look doing one work or the other. For eg. Fans, easily we people didn't have anything to get air from when it was extremely hot, but now fans are the most common things you could see.

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For one, at 71,  I am still alive and healthy.

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