Do you play Pokemon Go?


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Ancient Hippy answered

I agree with Willie.

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PJ Stein answered

No. I have a life.

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Woof Woofy answered

lost interest in pokemon when i was 10 and got rid of all my cards and toys. the first pokemon craze back in 99-00 was bad enough.

Dance like a gypsy Profile

Nope but my sister and brother do. I don't know anything about Pokemon, I didn't have the channel for it growing up and I always thought that it was a "boys thing" to play with Pokemon cards. So I wouldn't know what to do.

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Yin And Yang answered

I don't but my husband does. After the hospital scare, he couldn't stay still. Our oldest daughter was playing Pokemon Go and it caught his attention. He uses it as a way of "connecting" with our 19 year old daughter as well as the exercise that goes along with the "catching" of the Pokemon. I can not tell you how many parks we have been to in the last month! LOL! My daughter already lost 9 pounds in the first two weeks of him being out of the hospital. Funny story..... Last week Jr actually said "No wee fun!" and took off running to the bedroom when he asked him if he wanted to go play at "wee fun" aka the park! LOLOLOLOL!

Oh ya, my husband and our 12 year old got interviewed and their picture taken in the Oceanside news paper when they were caught "Pokehunting" on the pier! We are an odd ball family! LOL!

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Levi F. answered

I've played it before, yeah. It's alright, but I'd rather play the regular Pokemon games on the DS and such.

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