In Pokemon Platinum Where Do You Go In Mt. Coronet After You Get The 7th Badge?


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You go from orebugh city into Mt coronet. It's very long & this is what you do:
Heal up and head to Oreburgh City. It's another long journey ahead, so take some items along and make sure your Pokemon are well trained - if you had troubles with the past few battles, you should consider getting to level 50 or so. Take a Pokemon with Rock Climb, Surf, Strength and Rock Smash, then when you're ready, head east to Mt. Coronet via Route 207. When you're inside, use Surf on the body of water just to the north. Take the narrow path and use Rock Climb to ascend the cliff, then take the stairs to the second level. There are a few items lying around, as well as an exit to Route 207 where you can pick up a Timer Ball and an Iron. The stairs to the third floor are through an opening in the north face of the cave, so cross the wooden bridges and make your way there. As you do, the Detective will catch up to you and give you a Black Flute. Continue on; at the fork, going down the stairs leads you to a dead end with a hidden Star Piece, heading up the stairs leads you past some Galactic Grunts and outside into the snowy slopes of Mt. Coronet.Follow the path and use Rock Climb to scale the wall. There's a cave opening to the east, but you need to use Waterfall inside the cave to proceed. The second Rock Climb face will lead you to a ledge where you can find a hidden Star Piece. The remaining option is to head west where there's another cave opening. Head inside and follow the path around the water to the cave exit. Outside again, head down the stairs into the ravine. The cave opening there can be used to get back to Route 211 between Eterna City and Celestic Town, but it's currently guarded by some Galactic Grunts who won't let you through, so instead, use Rock Climb on the western wall. Circle around to the west cliff of Mt. Coronet and enter the mountain from the entrance there. Follow the stairs up, battling the Galactic Grunts along the way until you reach the outside again. Then you are outside a place called spear pillar. As you head up the stairs, you'll take on two Galactic Grunts in a double battle. I'd recommend saving at this point, because if you have serious troubles with the trainer battles ahead, you will want to go back and train some more. In any case, proceed further and Galactic Commanders Mars and Jupiter will double battle you and your rival.

Then follow this walkthrough on this web site:

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