Why is everyone obsessed with there cellphones?


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Didge Doo answered

Obsessed is a bit strong but since I bought my new Galaxy I've found it very useful indeed.

I don't have any games on it (except for my on-line chess club), I never text, and only make phone calls when there's some point to it.

So why?

My library has a good supply of eBooks and Audio books that I can enjoy on the phone, I have links to three reliable news sources, a good weather site, a web browser, a calendar/planner, a calculator, lots of great music, a step counter, and a handy little app that lets me know the location of any bush fires in my area (we're fire prone on the mountains). It's the Internet I can carry in my pocket.

So I find myself using my phone much more than I would ever have thought possible.

What about you, Megan? How do you use yours?

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Yin And Yang answered

I am not obsessed for sure however I have always had mine on me ever since my sister was in the hospital. It became habit. Now I always have it on me if one of my kids need me but if they are all under the same roof as I am, then I leave it be for the most part. Also in my life the alarm clock is the most important feature. I have so many different schedules I keep so alarms help me. But I am by no means obsessed with my cell phone.

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