What are the best apps on your phone? I like "maps." :)


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

1. Yandex browser: Works the fastest and smoothest with Blurtit.

2. Gmail and Google Calender: Anytime I receive an email such as reservation confirmations, Google Calender automatically takes the email and creates an event in the proper dates with details such as times, checkin times, memos, address of hotel, link to original email. It makes things alot easier!

3. Google Voice and Android Wear: I speak into my watch and it does what I want within my phone such as finding directions, responding to texts, making calls.

4. Amazon MP3: I couldn't work without music. I'd have to... Talk... To people.

5. Facebook Messenger: Not only is it great for Facebook's private messaging, it's also great for SMS messaging too.

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