have u ever check out yahoo answers?


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i've used yahoo answers since early 2007 but this site is far superior.

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it is trash indeed. i checked it out a couple months ago when i heard about it on here from former Ask members. The layout is bulky and its always the same 4 people on there spatting with each other.
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I use Yahoo answers. Literally everyone on there are jerks with no dignity

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Yeah my account there is over 7 years old and still standing. Its gone way down hill! Take it from someone who has seen it through thick and thin. Community especially, has gone down hill.

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Yup! I had been a member on there since it was a couple of months old. Then my account got terminated in 2013 due to troll attacks, then I had to create a new one. That site has really gone downhill. It's nothing but trolls, and it takes people hours, even days to answer a really simple question. Sure the layout looks modern and nice, but don't fall under it's spell. The people there are wicked and crazy, and just overall stupid, and the Yahoo Answers Team does nothing about it! Trolls report your questions and answer constantly, and you get an email saying "Your Question/Answer has been reported by 1 or more TRUSTED members of Yahoo Answers." You have an option to appeal to violation, but they never read the appeals, just deny it! There has also been rumors going around the site that they are going to shut down yahoo answers this fall, That they are going to sell it to Microsoft or Amazon or something. The format looks nice, but the community is harsh, cold, and doesn't care about others.

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I don't go there often anymore.

From college chemistry mixture problems, some of which were handled by chemistry PhD's, to ill posed questions about the possibility of aliens on Mars indicates that site has faded badly.

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Just closed down earlier this year

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