Is there any chance that the community comes back?


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Woof Woofy answered

i highly doubt it.. But if it hadn't closed, None of you awesome people would be on blurtit right now!!!]

(if sodahead hadn't closed. Me and a few others wouldn't be here either)

with all these sites closing, i think it worked out for the better.

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Lard Ass answered

I doubt it, wouldn't join if it did.....this site is better course I'm a bit biased!

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Highly unlikely.  I haven't used Ask for anything since the community closed.  I think they shot themselves in the foot with their "new direction."

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Lard Ass
Lard Ass commented
I haven't even looked at it since the community closed, I actually deleted my account before they closed!
HappyTo BeHereTo
HappyTo BeHereTo commented
I disappeared for a long time. I went back when I got the email about the community closing just to say goodbye. I'm glad I did. I found Blurtit!
Woof Woofy
Woof Woofy commented
i've tried dozens of sites since sodahead closed and this is the only one that doesn't have trolls, drama, and fighting etc.. everyone on blurtit seems to get along very well. We definitely have something unique, different, and special on the web.
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David Co answered

When a platform like that closes, it rarely comes back to life. Usually, the owners move on to developing other platforms. Plus, competition is tighter now with newer and better q&a platforms like blurtit and quora.

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