For gamers, what is one of your favorite characters from a video game (playable or NPC)? Ex. Edward Kenway, Assassin's Creed.


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jhon lane answered

The main guy in prototype 2

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Matt Radiance answered

Captain Price And Soap Mactavish - Call of Duty

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Rich Marzetti answered

idk. But I've been trying to buy the games that ain't so known by the crowd near me. Also that ain't on the tv's at Gamestop.

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Sapphire's Edge
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Some of those can actually be quite good. For a while I was playing a PC role playing game called Fiesta. It's not to well known, either.
Rich Marzetti
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at the beginning i bot cod games, assassins creed games, but i liked skyrim. it was too darn long tho. im from the old school. my friend plays these on my consoles and tv for me. so ....
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Agent 47 from the Hitman series or Altair Ibn La Ahad from Assassins Creed

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