What are the possible reasons that my website isn't showing up on Google?


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There are a few reasons why sites don't show up on Google

1. Search Engine Optimization - (meta tags, page titles, page descriptions,  headers and a sitemap are a few examples of SEO)

2. SSL certificates - SSL apply a layer of encrypted security to protect information that travels from the users PC and the website (login information, CC info, passwords so on and so fourth)  Google released at the beginning of 2015 that it would now give a boost in search engine ranking for any website that applies this type of certificate and those that don't will be knocked down.

3. Tell Google to scan your site - Takes about 2 - 4 weeks. After signing in to your gmail account go to google.com/addurl and submit a request for Google to scan your site.

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Hey, if you post a link to your site here I can take a look and try to make some suggestions too.

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You should add more pages in your website with original content. We recommend you write at least 700 word on each page, if possible and use original images too. Sometimes, you have to wait a few months before your website starts showing in Google for some queries. You must be patient. Also, it's a good idea to start link building in high quality website directories related to your website's topic. This way Google will find your website faster.

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