Why do some people commit a crime or some type of abuse and then post it on Facebook? Are they proud of what they've done or just don't care that they will get busted?


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Along with a lack of common sense, a false sense of bravado and security. You know how some are braver behind their computer screen? Some also feel secure behind their computer screens.

Another thought is, some people are posting every detail of their lives on line. They get real comfy with the whole voyeur aspect of social media.

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Walt O'Reagun answered

Because honestly ... Most people who commit crimes are stupid.

According to one FBI report I read years ago, the vast majority of criminals are caught because they tell someone about their crime.  The ones that are hardest to catch are those who don't have any accomplices, and never talk about their crime (including writing it down in a journal or whatever).

Of course, human nature being what it is ... Most people want to tell *someone* about how they "got away with it" ... And that's their downfall.

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For the attention it brings .. Clearly. To some, negative attention is better than no attention at all.

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Some people use Facebook as releasing their emotions. Facebook can be a place where you can decide to post your emotions & no one will tell you a thing and even if something happens, you will simply block the guy & they won't see you again! Or remove the account to create another or leave fb forever!

However, now part of this releasing emotions come from "Attention seeking" which  i won't get into what caused that manner to look for attention by "any cost" but some do it. "by any cost"

-They will share something awful they've done

-Or even they do something on purpose in choice of posting it

And they don't care about consequences cause they have been blind by "seeking attention" . Well some people decide to make everyone "hates" them as well. It's the way to take everybody's attention. & it's a way to make half of world look at you, talk about you & spread news about you for even only few short minute.

"Look at that guy" "Have you seen that guy" "hey let me tell you about this guy" "omg you don't know what that guy did"  . . .

And sometimes they don't even do something. They fraud doing it or act it. I can remember an overweight girl who pretended to be pregnant & asked for amount of "Likes" to keep or abort the baby. SICK! But that's happens when you get filled & blinded by seeking attention no matter what.

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Dangit, I've been trying to find a video related to this but it just isn't happening. On the other hand, yes it is very shocking, I've seen people who posts saying "robbed a bank" holding the stolen money etc.... Wow natural selection never felt so right.

How dumb can you be!

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Because they think they are cool and that the cops won't see it. They never think that their "friends" might turn them in.

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