Some people post everything about them and every their photo on social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. They post just the photos of themselves and thier friends. Do you have anexplanation about it?


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Ancient Hippy answered

It just makes a lot of people happy when they splash their entire life on the internet.

In my opinion, it just makes them look like egocentric, self absorbed morons.

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Yin And Yang answered

I don't mind telling people about my testimony if I think it is gonna help them/the situation. In a way it makes me feel if it can be used for the good or if it helps somebody then it was worth it. However on Facebook or anything other then face to face (or here) I use as less information possible. I don't like the spotlight nor do I like the risk. I think their actions are just out of immaturity and thinking they are getting their "15 mins of fame." NO THANK YOU!

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In a world full of people that have to have a lot of kudos or "likes" for every facet of their life, it's truly a sad state of affairs. From the duck-face selfies to the interminable sharing of the minutia in their lives, it's no wonder that we have an over-abundance of narcissistic people to deal with.

And if you think this is sad, you should do a search on how many people have died because of selfies....falling off cliffs, walking in front of traffic, etc. It's a world-wide epidemic of stupid people surrounding us.

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Pepper pot answered

We live in a society where everyone can be "famous." It requires no talent just self absortion and competition. I find it rather frightening, not only must it feel like a prison, but also you are given away all your details and privacy, to everyone. I wonder if they can tell the difference between their own life and the image they wish to portray?  It's like constantly acting with your self esteem placed at the feet of others, a puppet if you will, "approve of me" while making nasty comments about others in order to feel "better than." There cannot be any honesty or intimacy in something so public.

My friend works in a school  said that the children are on their phones as soon as they get home. One girl came to her for help as she felt she was "addicted," and it was making her miserable. 

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It's horrible.  I know I'm probably in one of the worst generations for that sort of thing, but there are people who post everything about themselves on Facebook, and then more just because they're feeling bored.  I wonder if people think at all.  I hate the thought of posting anything on Facebook, let alone my whole life

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