Is there a way to lower the number of pixels in a photo? I want to post a photo for an avatar, but I'm apparently only allowed 700k and all my photos are in the 2+MB range.


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Open it in an editing program (even MS Paint will do the job) and reduce the size to 200 pixels a side. Crop it to make it square if you have to. If you don't have a program you can use either send it to me via IM or post it here as an answer, and I'll cut it down for you.

(It might not happen immediately. I'm not sure of my movements this afternoon.)

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I may have led you a little astray there. That would be a good recommendation for most sites but the avatars on Blurtit are very large. You could make it 400x400 pixels and still get it in well below the size you need.
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Try cropping it. Most photo editing programs (and even stuff like MS Paint) give you the ability to do so.

If you have taken these photos yourself, it might be wise to lower the quality of the picture through your camera.

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