What do you remember from childhood?


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My first memory is of me pulling myself up to standing between my parents in the family car. This was before car seats, when you could put the brakes on and your baby could fly out the window. *smh*

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Luke Reine
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Oh geez >.
dragonfly forty-six
I know right? I know it wasn't their fault, heck our cars didn't have seat belts, but I don't know how they didn't worry. I remember crawling all over the place. How could they drive?
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The thing I remembered from my childhood was goin to grandpa everyday and since I was grandpa girl I love going to his house because that where I would get cookies candy etc. Then when I was 12 my grandpa died and so now when I see a little girl with there grandpa 👴 it put a smile on my face.

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I remember skinning my knees while learning to ride a bike. I remember having a pinecone fight while in canoes with the kids that lived on the other side of the lake. I remember building forts in the woods. I remember friends and family coming over on the weekends and everyone laughing. Life was good!

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Something I'd really rather not....the death of my mother.

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I remember saying my actual 'first word' when I was about four and my parents sent me to a 'special' school because they were worried about my lack of communication and stuff, but then I got out and went to a regular primary school. I didn't have friends there anyway :P

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Kioyre S.
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@Skunky My name isn't common enough to have a song. I haven't broken a bone, but I was in and out of the hospital for a lot of my infant days and into my childhood for a couple years, but again, I didn't have many visitors! But I think, besides what bugged you, those are pleasant memories (:
Frederick Fisk
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Well Kioyre, I'd say I don't have any old school friends either. Not disappointed, though. I still hang out with people I've known since back then, just outside of class. Different interests and such :)
Kioyre S.
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Yeah. I have my classmates now
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When WWII was declared in 1939 we were living about 7 miles from the Sydney CBD. Dad, who had fought in France and Belgium during WWI dug a trench at the bottom of our garden in case of attack. (It was a bit previous because Japan hadn't yet declared their hand.)

The "soil" was a heavy clay and when it rained the trench filled up. And stayed filled up.

I remember whenever anybody visited he used to take them down to the trench and show them how much water was in it.

I'm not sure of the date but we left that address in 1941.

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I remember very nearly everything.  In my case that's probably not so good. Then again, my sister has managed to "forget" most things and she has faired worse than I, so who knows what's better?

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Mostly what I remember is playing outside in the summer time with my sisters and brother and any neighborhood friends that came over. During the summer, everyone was outside, on their bikes, using the entire neighborhood to play hide and seek, playing in the sprinklers, building forts.

You absolutely did not want to play inside, unless there was inclement weather because your mother would find chores for you to do.

I remember what signaled the end of summer was shopping for school clothes and having to buy new shoes. It was hard to shop for shoes as we spent the entire summer barefoot.

I remember the streets being paved with asphalt that was mixed with little pebbles. I grew up in New Mexico and Texas and the summers were HOT. So hot that after the new street had been paved, the asphalt would still be soft and you could pick pebbles out of the mix.

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When I was 3, we visited my grandma a lot.

She always does the dishes right after every meal, the kids would always go outside when she did so. There is a window she would watch us out of to make sure we didn't get hurt. From the window, she also had a view of this little tree close by.

There was one day, she was inside doing dishes, my mom helped her. I went outside to go play with my sisters, when I saw someone sitting in the tree. It was a little boy dressed in simple blue jeans and a button up shirt. He appeared to be around my age (3 or 4)...

I remembered talking to him but I don't remember what we talked about. He made me laugh, I forgot about playing with my sisters and sat in front of the tree. I tried to get him to come down but he wanted to stay in the tree.

I saw him so clearly, so I was confused when my mom and grandma came outside to question me about who I was talking to. I asked them if they saw the little boy in the tree. At the time, they lied to me to not hurt my feelings. Now that I'm older, my mom told me the truth. She didn't see anyone there like I did.

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dragonfly forty-six
Very cool, Dakota. Do you still see people or did you grow out of it? I agree with Didge, thanks for sharing that.
Dakota  Mackenzie
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Thanks, both of you for reading it ^^ as for your question, Dragonfly, I grew out of it. I had actually thought about the little boy not too long ago. I thought it had been a dream but i asked mom and she told me otherwise ^^
Jordan Marshall
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Your word choices were very nice. :) and that was just, ah... Beautiful ^^ was it like, a spirit?
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Having elastic sown on my mittens and threadled through my coat so I wouldn't lose them. Safety pins, used to hold up many an item.

Being warned about strangers/perverts/flashers.

Spent most of time at the stables.

Silver Jubilee. Rocking horse, roller skates, chopper bike with stabilses, homemade stilts.

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