Do students use the internet or not?


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In our grade school they not only use the internet, they practically depend on it. Over the next five years, they are slowly going to phase out our districts school libraries. They have laptops and tablets that will be carted to each classroom on a designated day where they will have all the library books downloaded to read. 

Every student has a different login number that they will use including the kindergarteners. For me, its sort of sad. I used to love walking into the library and having the smell of old books. 😕

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Megan goodgirl answered

I'm sure they do.

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Entire degrees were reached thanks only to Wikipedia. Internet should be a must in every country that could afford it. It gives you unlimited number of information sources and not only 3-4 heavily biased and controlled medias. Of course it is full of lies too, but you decide which lies to believe in.

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