Do you think that technology and modern social media should be introduced to the older generations? Why or why not?


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Maurice Korvo answered

Introduce it to the older generations? We were the people who invented it. We went from Radio Shack color computer with an audible modem, to multi line social groups (chat lines), and then we introduced different types of international webs, to the WWW you now use.  The biggest problem with us older generation is that we do not have someone to buy us the latest gadgets.  You buy me the latest and I will use it!

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David Shabazi answered

I think you mean to our grandparents, or anything of that sort, and how they typically don't know how to use social media sites (I'm not saying they ALL don't know! There may be a few that know how to operate it).

I wouldn't really see a major accomplishment in that, to be honest. What will they do once they create a Facebook site? Other than add everyone else they know from the same family and whatnot. Maybe it's a good form of communication, but don't you think they already have their own version of it? They're used to simply calling their family members, or even texting them in some cases.

I don't know. Some may see usefulness in it, some may not.

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PJ Stein answered

You mean like parents who are in their mid 70s owning their own Facebook pages? Gee why didn't we think of that? Oh Wait! They have had them for years now. How do you think they keep in touch with their children and grown grandchildren who live all over the country and often in other parts of the world?

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