Does snapchat chat disappear?


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Snapchat has recently introduced the instant messaging facet of the social network, allowing users to have private conversations in a similar manner to how they sent photos before.

According to the app, the chats won’t get stored onto the phones of the users, making this a very appealing option for anyone who wants to keep their chats private.

Do Snapchat chats really disappear though?

To use the chat service, friends will simply need to swipe the names on the inbox to the right. The moment a user closes the chat screen, the messages are instantly deleted.

With that being said, users shouldn’t forget that Snapchat has been under scrutiny with the Federal Trade Commission for deceiving its users.

According to the commission, although the app advertised itself as a facility that allowed users to send “snaps” that would be deleted about 10 seconds after appearing, the app wasn’t functioning in quite this way.

In a study that was carried out within the United States in April states that Snapchat wasn’t designed to actually erase files.

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