Snapchat will not verify my number, why?


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If you’re a Snapchat user, you might have come across the problem with verifying your number. It might look something like “Oops. Couldn’t connect. Please try again later.” Whenever you try to add friends onto your account.

It's not clear why this bug occurs, but luckily there is a fix!

What to do if Snapchat can't verify your number

If this message appears, close the app by clicking on the home button to exit the app. You will then want to double click the home button and keep your finger on the app. When the red circle appears in the corner, click on it.

Once the app has been closed, open it and try adding the friend again.

In the event that this doesn’t work, turn off your phone and turn it on again.

If you are still struggling to get it to work, just delete and reload the entire app.

A final option would be to contact Snapchat support at:

They will be able to help with all your Snapchat problems!

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