How do I import video from iPad to Macbook?


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agnes kelly answered

It's really a very easy thing, you just need to use a iPad to Mac transfer to solve this. And you can use Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer to help, how to transfer iPad media to Mac. 

Hope it help! Good luck!

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jiang fangfang answered

If you want to copy videos from iPad to Mac for sharing your data directly downloaded from iPhone,  you will have some troubles if some music movies are not from iTunes or the iPad is not yours. Because iTunes blocks iPad-to-Mac-computer music/video transferring, Apple users can not directly transfer music from iPhone to Mac computer. 

In such occasion, you need a professional iPubsoft iPad to Mac Transfer to do this task.

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David Shabazi answered

Another option is to email yourself the video and then download it on your Macbook, incase the other options don't necessarily work.

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Sara Lewis answered

There are a number of ways to import videos from iPad to MacBook, I'll explain each of them below and you can choose which one you find the easiest. 

  • iCloud. If you sign up for an iCloud account you make your photos and videos sync with it so that you can view them on all of your Apple devices.

    The only issue with this option is that videos are large files and you only get 5GB with a free iCloud account.
  • Migration assistant. Download Migration Assistant onto your MacBook Pro and it will help you transfer your video files.

    You will need a Thunderbolt or Firewire cable to connect the two machines.
    Once that's plugged in, the app should launch automatically, and you simply need to follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Wi-Fi. You can network the two computers to allow file sharing between them so the MacBook will be able to copy files from the iPad.
    The same principle applies for devices connected via Bluetooth, although in most cases Wifi will allow for a swifter upload time.

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