What is Instagram profile picture zoom?


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Unfortunately, there isn't an option for Instagram profile picture zoom, but there is a way to zoom in on normal Instagram photos, and I'm going to tell you how to do that below:

How to zoom in on Instagram photos

Most applications allow you to zoom in on photos, and I reckon that it's a really handy feature.  Whether you're simply trying to work out what an object in a photo is, or want to see your friends hilarious face ballooned up on screen, we all love to zoom. 

I've personally been left wondering why Instagram doesn't allow users to zoom in on photos.  In the past I've double tapped the photo thinking it would zoom, only to realise I've just left a little red heart detailing my "like" of the image for all to see.

There is a way to zoom in on Instagram photos on an iPhone, however, and here's how:

  1. Go to settings on your iPhone main screen.
  2. Click "General".
  3. Click "Accessibility".
  4. Go to "Vision".
  5. Click "Zoom".
  6. Turn the toggle switch on.

This is an unconventional method, and as such it doesn't use a normal zoom function.  What I mean by this is that it zooms via the iPhone, and not the app, so sometimes the images may appear a bit lower quality when you've zoomed in.  Better than nothing, right?

So, to summarise.  Change the settings as detailed above, and then double tap with THREE fingers on an image you want to zoom in on.  If you want to move around the zoomed image, drag THREE fingers around the image.

Good luck, and enjoy!

P.S - If you can't work it out from the above notes, I've added a video that shows you how!

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