What app does Yuleema Imaginee use?


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For her selfies and other photos, Yuleema Imaginee actually uses a couple of different photo apps:

Here are the main ones to check out if you want to create pics like Yuleema on Instagram, Twitter and other social networks:

1.  Retrica - This is the main photo app that Yuleema Imaginee uses for creating effects. Check it out:

2. Vine - She doesn't use it all that much, but it's pretty cool anyway.

3. She has a fish-eye camera lens (ok, not an app, but that's a neat trick that makes her pictures and videos look more interesting).

Want proof of which apps Yuleema Imaginee uses the most?

She actually posted the evidence on YouTube, sharing a clip of all the different apps on her iPhone, including the ones I mentioned above... As well as some surprising apps you wouldn't have expected her to use!

Take a look... (she also mentions how much she hates the Kik app)

Yuleema Imaginee isn't the only person using cool new photo editing and social media apps though, I've recently started using "Slingshot" which is made by Facebook.

It's a little bit like Snapchat, except you can't see photo/video messages until you reply with a photo/video of your own!

If you're on it, then friend request me (you can find me under "kass")

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