What app does kylie jenner use on instagram for her videos?


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Andy Cola answered

Kylie Jenner uses a couple of different apps to edit videos and images on Instagram and other social media sites... I had a look at some articles and interviews, and these are the editing apps that Kylie Jenner uses which are mentioned:

- app KitCam

- VSCO Cam

(those are the main two apps Kylie Jenner uses)

She also makes use of the following apps less frequently when editing pics and videos:

- Squaready

- PhotoForge 2

- PhotoWonder (the free version has a cool function that allows you to added colored contact lens over your eyes!)

- Diptic

She also uses the standard filters in Instagram quite a lot, but you probably noticed that already!

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Jeff Hardiz answered

I read the article about the kylie jenner.. She mentioned that Kylie reveals that she has used KitCam and the Perfect365 app that both are completely free, that make her perfect infamous selfies.

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