How do i download music from google play music?


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Guruaid CS answered

To download Music on a Computer:
1.  Go to Google Play Music.
2.  On the left menu under "Auto playlists," click Free and purchased.
3.  Next to a song, click Menu > Download.
To download Music on Smart Phone:
1.  Open the Google Play Music Icon Google Play Music app.
2.  Touch an album or playlist.
3.  Touch the Google Play Pin (grey pin) (Android) or Google Play Music Offline download (iOS) icon to start downloading music.
  a.  Google Play Music Offline (Android) / Google Play Music Offline  (iOS): An orange icon means music is saved on your device.
  b.  Google Play Cached (Android only):  A vertical, grey pin means music is still downloading.
On Android devices, you can also save albums, playlists, and radio stations (for All Access subscribers) by touching Menu > Keep on device.

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There is a straightforward approach to download every one of your tunes. You go to Playlists and download the "Last Added" Playlist. The Last Added Playlist is naturally created by play music and it will dependably be a la mode with every one of your melodies.

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