What is a good writing web site?


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A wonderful website that serves as a community for both writers and readers; Watt Pad interaction and engagement is key; writers who love to flourish and feed an environment with the proclivity for pose may find this propensity a passion before long. What I mean to say is this:  Watt Pad is addicting; because if you love to write, chances are good that you love it when your works are read, and on Watt Pad readers love to read the works of writers they feel they know. So get active, have fun, and most importantly: Write often, read more often, and praise the One who gave you the ability to do each.


If you love writing but do not necessary want to expose every single word to the cyber-public, Bublish is a magnificent site! Upload your writing, choose the specific and exact excerpt(s) you do desire to share publicly, and then add your "author insight" about your writing. With Bublish it's all about telling the story behind the story, gaining access into a deeper part of our hearts and souls. I highly recommend Bublish as a way elaborating upon your writings; give credit to the Source of your inspiration and tribute to what brought you to the place of composing something so powerful as deemed ready for the public eye.


As a writer, I have  desires of a writer; I need an editor, a publisher, and most certainly someone who can goolge+ hangout with me long enough to teach my how to do something myself (such as throwing a book release party and building a wordpress site).  I found that all of these needs have been met by people on Writerly. This is an active community where money is exchanged; should you want to spend or earn money as a writer, I highly suggest you invest some quality time with Writerly to make yourself familiar with all the wonderful services available.


This is an elaborate community that engages its members to write answers to specifically selected questions; on Blurtit you find the question you want to answer; there are many ways to post answers, so as text, image, and [youtube] video. In addition, should you have the quandary of an intriguing idea in need of airing out, you too may ask a question. I find Blurtit to be a whirlwind of enlightening information: They have topics of interest for everyone (I myself tend to ask and answer questions pertaining to Literature and Religion).

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