As an author, what's a good site for getting my writing out there?


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my stepsis is always on some website call wattpad

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Self-published authors are always looking for new and creative ways to publicize their work, and in our latest Blurtit Hangout independent author Miranda Innaimo shared a little tip that I think everyone should know about.

Rather than using traditional publishing sites and author networks to create an online buzz around her work, Miranda has been using - a website more familliar with unsigned bands and musicians.

If you're interested in learning just how powerful Soundcloud can be for authors, I'd recommend you check out what Miranda had to say at our last Blurtit Hangout.

And also suggest taking a look at her Soundcloud page to see exactly how she's leveraging the power of this digital platform.

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There are various ways to get your writing out. For example, Amazon Kindle is widely used and it's attracting millions over the world. Then you have a site for those interested in sharing their stories or reading others like Wattpad. If you want something simple, I recommend using a account. It's often a good way to share you writing with a very large community, plus many writers are using Wordpress as a stepping stone before going head first.

Either way, I know many platforms and sites that are awesome at sharing writing with others. Here are some more platforms:

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I use my blog to share my unpublished writing and amazon for my published works. I like my blog a ton because I have free reign to write whatever I want. Also people can follow it and keep updated.

Amazon KDP is awesome for indie authors because five days you get free. Amazon actually markets on the free days. Just in three free days I've sold thousands of copies (not only because of amazon, I market myself too).

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Belive it or not wattpad is a great site although you put the content of your book up there for free authors  found sales in there book rose

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I've been on, you can build websites and such, not sure if that's what you want but it's kinda fun to do anyway! Lol.
But yes, is a good one!! Some books on there even get published!
If you're writing fanfiction, try
Both & are good ones, I think so at least..

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