How are brands using Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr to their advantage? Which is most successful for social media marketing?


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Ethan Albert answered

Brands are using Pinterest,Instagram and Flickr for marketing their products to reach their target customers and increasing their brand value.But Instagram is best of them according to stats.

Instagram is very beneficial for business because-

  • Has higher engagement rates.
  • Instagram analytics gives you a closer look about whats going on your business profile and how peoples are reacting.
  • Communicating with your followers.

Due to these benefits bigger companies are showing their interest on instagram marketing.

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Tash Naz , Freelance Writer, answered

There are a number of ways that brands are utilising social media marketing through the use of Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram.

The ways in which Pinterest, Instagram and Flirk are used by brands are as follows:

  • Brands know that all three of these social sites are predominantly based on visuals. All three are photo generating sites where users can post photos and pictures and share them easily. Brands can utilise these sites to attract customers through visuals of their products, posters, or any other form of marketing material.

  • Many brands advertise through these social networking sites in order to maintain a sound presence within the online industry. Brands know that they can get easily noticed through paid campaigns and organic marketing on these sites as they get millions of hits per day.

  • Brands can attract a wider audience through Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram because its users are international. People use these sites from around the world and are easily accessible for brands to target and market their products.
    The platforms often provide advertisers with demographic data about the people they are targeting too, so the right message reaches the right people.

  • Brands can easily build up their identity through social networking sites and can help them to be recognised through their own logos and imagery. This can make brands more popular and recognisable so that people will be able to relate the marketing imagery with the brand more easily.

All three sites can be beneficial for social marketing but the most successful one would be Instagram. The reason for this is due to the fact that it is not only dominating the mobile online industry but it has also attracted celebrity users. Instagram has a wide appeal for social marketing to be implemented effectively.

I hope this helps to answer your question :)

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