What type of phone do you have?


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Brad Gampper Profile
Brad Gampper answered
East or West iphone is the best.
Zack Brockelhurst Profile
Blackberry and iphone
Lani Convivial Profile
Lani Convivial answered
Pantech Impact from AT&T
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
A Samsung phone.
Zeke Zepplin Profile
Zeke Zepplin answered
I have 2 mobiles ,  Blackberry and iphone 4
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alexia smith
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Omg, lucky you
alexia smith
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My sister has an iPhone and so does my mum and i USED to have one but i acceidentally dropped it and the screen cracked. That was the last time my dad bought someting that expensive
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
I believe they categorize it as a 'burn phone'
because it is a prepaid cheap deal
Katherine James Profile
Katherine James answered
Often, I have to use voip service from axvoie or packet 8 on my mobile phone so I have to use iphone. Right now, I am looking for some low cost phone set that could allow me to use VoIP phone service on it.

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