Is Sleeping With Your Mobile Phone Bad For Your Health?


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Barb Cala answered

I think it's bad for your life.  People are way too attached to their phones.  If you have to sleep with yours ... Very scary.

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Anna --- answered
Actually it is. My boyfriend has a brain disease and his doctor told him to switch it off when he sleeps because his brain is weak to the radiation and he could even get paralyzed. So switch it off
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My question is who would want to sleep with their phone in the first place. It is odd! Having the phone off with you while you sleep is fine, but if it was vibrating or playing music it would begin to affect your ears. Some people can end up with hearing problems by the age of 20 because of those mobile phones.
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Chelsey Panda
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No I didn't mean it like that lol! I mean I have it just under the corner of my pillow because when the alarm goes off thats the only way it wakes me up without waking everyone else up. Thanks anyway..xx

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