Should Parents Be Allowed To Join Those Social Sites That Their Kids Are On?


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No reason why not but if you DO, and tell your kids that you are,doing so, they are always going to suspect your motives and assume you're trying to spy on them. Everyone has a need for privacy and perhaps a secret 'other' life - even (or maybe, especiially !) children. I know we want to protect them as much as we can, but the uncomfortable truth  is that if there's a way of them keeping their 'other' life secret, they'll find it - especially if they're more clued up about technology than their folks, which many are.  If you ARE going to monitor them, it requires a lot more subtlety and guile than blatantly joining their chatsIte. It's a constant game of trying to keep one step ahead, which sadly we don't always win.
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Some do. I think no..cause its like nosey of them.
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Rena Chisholm
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But it's a parents job to be nosey about what their kids are doing.
My kids are nosey about what i am doing. Lol
Penny Kay
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I just like to see how much fun mine is having, reminds me of when I had a life, LOL....*p
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Sure, why not. Parents should be allowed to have fun too.
Two of my kids joined Blurtit site after I did.
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Well i think not,my mom would want to be my friend and then read my shouts haha maybe face book is best for adults.
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There isn't any reason that they shouldn't be. I mean, my kids have asked me to join, but they are adults, lol, and they don't do anything on there really anymore. Haha
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That is a very touchy issue.  On one hand you want to trust your children to be wise and careful when they "play" on the computer and on the other hand, as a parent,  you are aware that there are people everywhere that prey on children and much of it begins in a chat room.  I have seen posts here where someone gives out a home e-address.  There is always a possibility that after a personal home contact something bad could develop over time.  On the other hand,  you could think of it as a evolution of the old pen pal letters.  But being a parent, I think I had rather error on the side of caution.  I believe it would be OK to visit this site (or others) a few times or even monitor them once a month to be sure that they are safe and stay safe.   So that the children do not feel that you do not trust them or are invading their privacy , you could tell them that you will be monitoring the site; not that you do not trust them,  but that you are fearful that not all visitors to the site may not be good people. If it is a matter of being friends with the children or making them angry for a short period of time or keeping them safe, I think we would all choose safety.
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Well it depends for what reason. If theyr'e just being downright nosy then no, but if they keep their noses out of what their kid is doing, and they just want to go on the site cos it sounds fun then yeah i suppose :)
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You should check out The parent has to verify their child for their free membership. There are groups, games, chat & email. A great alternative to Facebook.
The parent has a behind the scene "privacy panel" that they can be alerted when their child posts content, makes new friends, etc. And the kid's don't really even know. A perfect way for a parent to stay involved. It also has "live" moderation 24/7 on the site so all content is watched for appropriateness.

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