Have You Come Across Any Internet Trolls?


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Jo W. answered
No, I have not knowingly had dealings with Internet trolls.

When I run across answers or comments that seem too argumentative or controversial or "toxic" I just leave it alone.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
Yes I have come across internet strolls many times during chatting on the internet but I immediately recognize such a person and leave him alone. I only answer people to whom I want to. I don't indulge in other's matters. There is no relationship between us on the cyber space as we don't exist out of this monitor screen but we must be honest.
patrick mc mullan Profile
Sometimes i think i am being targeted by trolls in reading the answers to some of my questions. I sometimes find it difficult to believe some of the opinions and answers i have read. Some of the questions asked are challenging in their credibility. So i try to answer as if it is a serious question or cebate. My logic is ,that no matter how provocative the question, that it still needs answering. Someone else reading it may learn something useful. So while the question may have been designed to cause upset, something good can still come out of it if it is managed properly.
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J H answered
'Trolls' are few and far between, but they make up for their numbers by the sheer number of responses they post and the drama they engender.

I've run into many 'Trolls' online, but would rather not mention their names since it often seems that it is notarity that they want.

Everyone needs to be respected and loved... I often think that 'Trolls' behave the way they do because they are seeking those things in the wrong ways.
Mia Teeliumtrozzle Profile
Yes.I have had internet access for just under 2 years, and in that time I have come across plenty of Internet Trolls.Most of them were on a certain forum called CAF, and were absolutely dreadful.I have also seen quite a few of them on Matmice.I try to stay out of their way.I don't think I've seen any on Blurtit, but I'm not quite sure.
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Robyn Rothman answered
The only trolls I've come across were right here on Blurtit, and I quickly learned to give them a wide birth.
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Pamela Krueger
Pamela Krueger commented
share with me oh wise one..
Robyn Rothman
Robyn Rothman commented
Remember fordfan and Patriot? Boris was another. There were a couple of others, but they were kicked off Blurtit, and I can't remember their names.
Pamela Krueger
Pamela Krueger commented
ya, I remember those two; they were ones who always rattled logic's cage...he use to get so p.o.'d at them..ha
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suman kumar answered
My dear friend most of my debates and answers have so many trolls loll. I sometimes get upset by these trolls.
I take care not to answer the debates i don't have knowledge in. So that i will not create another troll loll
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Yes, we have to do a good job of keeping our humor about us when the troll strikes. :)
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I've encountered a few here on our very own Blurtit. Such as Brya. If anyone remembers...
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Jessica answered
I'm pretty sure I have encountered one of these "Trolls" on the internet. Maybe seen a few on Blurtit. However, it's no fun debating with them or talking with them because they don't' have a real argument or reason to say the things they do.
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There is an ebay Troll I know of...seems to just really go off at buyers when they don't receive their purchase and question him. I just put a filter on my email so anything from him goes straight to the garbage.

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