What Do You Mean By Internet?


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The Internet is a digital bulletin board, marketplace, and town hall. This computerized interface allows millions of people to log into their Internet browsers (such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer), and visit a dizzying array of websites featuring information about every topic under the sun.

  • You can find almost anything

From politics to baking cupcakes to meeting single people for dates...the Internet has it, and everything runs in real time. For example, many people enjoy using the Internet as a research tool; writers and journalists may use Wikipedia to gather basic facts while surfing the Internet. Other people run businesses off the Web, selling products and services from a virtual storefront that can cater to the needs of clients anywhere in the world. Flexible, always-changing, and stuffed with every imaginable fact, figure, opinion, and feature, the Internet is growing vaster and stronger every single day...

  • Ramifications

Social media is changing the face of the Internet, as communication services such as Twitter allow users from all over the globe to share important (or trivial) snippets of information. Sometimes, the power of the Internet is simply undeniable, as when people meet virtually to plan political protests that depose tyrants and dictators. An example of the Internet being used for ill is the way people met on Facebook and Twitter to plan mass participation in riots in London, England and Vancouver, Canada.

  • Internet facts

There are over four billion people using the Internet - usage in developed continents, such as Europe, is much higher than in underdeveloped continents, such as poverty-stricken Africa. However, more and more people are finding ways to be online or to gain access to the Internet whenever they can.

The Internet is a giant electronic matrix, filled with a wealth of information and trivia. From health care tips to recipes to protest information, this international resource offers amazing benefits to users.
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A means of connecting a computer to any other computer anywhere in the world via dedicated routers and servers. When two computers are connected over the Internet, they can send and receive all kinds of information such as text, graphics, voice, video, and computer programs.

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