How to design a good website?


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With the help of web programming language or CMS you can build the good-looking website design. In additional, we need to utilize following step in our web design which help to make the best website.
• Create Simple Navigation
• Avoid using unnecessary content, image and pop up
• SEO friendly website and its content
• Always select the shorter route
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Good website design isn't just about pretty colors, groovy graphics, and knocking out code with software like Dreamweaver. While a terrible look can certainly kill a site, even the fanciest design can't help a site that doesn't provide reliable information of value to visitors in a sensible and easy-to-use format. Good website design requires substantial planning, and takes into consideration not just visual design but also content, tone and the way information is arranged, as well as accessibility and usability for people with varying degrees of ability. None of these things are developed in isolation: All of them ideally support one another.
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Designing a website with the use of graphics, colors and software does not determine the success or failure of a web-site. Design of website is important as it  requires proper planning and use of information arranged in different areas to be accessed accurately by the users in order to attract visitors and make sure they are coming back.Try to keep following points in your mind while designing a website

1. SEO  friendly website

2. Speed

3. Be clear and concise. Don’t make visitors think.

4. Clear, short messages work great.

Hope the above point will help you to design a good website

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If you want to build effective web design then first you need to analysis your business requirements, draw rough design and consult with professional website development company which have good year of experience in web design field. You can also see many videos that help to better understand that design factors. 

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Designing a good website mean that site should be search engine and user friendly,  here I am presenting you some significant topics about good website Design, are mentioned below:

*Make Navigation Easy
*Manage to focus users’ attention
*Make use of effective writing
*Always choose the shorter route
*Search Engine Friendly
*Internal Linking Isn't User-Friendly
*Avoid flash (search engines can't read it)

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Everyone has its own way and process to design a good
website. The thing matters that the design must be user and search engine
friendly. It means if a visitor is looking for the information, he can get it
instantly on the site without bothering. This includes navigation, relevant
categories and images, contact information, services, prices information and
many more. 

Also a website design should be SEO friendly so that Google can
easily reach to it. 

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