How many words per minute would I need to type in order to complete an 8 page paper in 3.5 hours? Using word (program), Times new Roman size 12, double spaced. One inch margins?


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sansa stark Profile
sansa stark answered
If you stick to around 90wpm at a steady pace you should have it done inside that time.
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Oddman answered
At 13 words per line, 28 lines per page, that amounts to about 3100 words in 210 minutes of typing. An average speed of about 14.8 wpm will suffice to produce that document.

Most folks cannot type at a steady pace for that length of time. With breaks, corrections, editing, you probably want to type 30-40 wpm or more to get there from a draft. If you're making it up as you go along, good luck.

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