How Many Words Per Minute Is 9000 Kph?


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The speed, 9000 Kph translates to 40-50 words per minute, and it's on the high side of what's normally considered an acceptable typing speed for most jobs that require typing ability. There are ways to test typing speed online, although they may measure a person's speed in words per minute, rather than Kph. Google (or use another search engine) "free typing tests online" - these keywords will reveal a long and detailed listing of websites where you can type in a paragraph as quickly as possible, based on words you see on the screen. Then, your speed and the number of errors you've made will be calculated and posted for your perusal.

  • Are you fast enough?

If you're trying to determine whether or not you can type at a speed of 9000 Kph, or 40-50 words per minute, you'll find that these tests can be a useful way to see what you need to improve. Remember that accuracy is very important, as making a lot of errors basically undoes the impressiveness of your typing speed results. You should continue practicing daily before a job interview that might include a skills assessment through computerized tests.

  • Get better

Sometimes, it's hard to get better at typing simply by practicing on your own; often, you need to learn how to memorize the computer (or typewriter) keyboard, so you can type without looking down. Knowing how to type without looking down at the keyboard can boost your typing time significantly, and it's not as hard to do as you might think it is. For decades, typing instructors have been showing people how it's all done, so why not sign up for a course and learn typing in a formal manner.

Almost every job out there will require some typing, so it's vital to master this skill in the digital age.

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