I'm looking into changing web hosts. Does anyone know about Purely Hosting?


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Mike Walker answered
I heard about Purely Hosting a couple months ago, when I started having server issues with my old hosting company, I decided to try them out. I had my domains transferred and the customer support team was more than helpful.
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CJ answered
The only thing I can say go are around and see everything that involves Online hosting. Look and sites like godaddy.com they are a hosting, try blogspot.com they are a blog hosting comp. That allows you create blogs on there page for free (very cool site), there are a couple of others that I can't think of at the moment.
But All You Can Do Is To Look Around And Gain The Main Picture And Resources To Do What You Vision (which is a great concept).
But Trust Me Web-Desighning is A PITA (Pain In The A**) So Many Codes And Stuff. I Believe My Sister Goes This Type Of Stuff or She Just Designs Them.
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Ocen Bosco answered

no I am not aware about them. You can check ctrlswtches.com for reliable web hosting services with best customer support.

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Harpreet Singh answered

I don't know about purely hosting but from my past experience surely I would recommend MilesWeb company is the right choice for you. If you're looking for an affordable web hosting company then the mentioned company is good for the same. 

The leading web hosting company various features and services of web hosting which will surely satisfy the business requirements of novices as well as expertise perspective. 

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