How Do I Get Mystic Ticket?


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There are many of you ask where can I get Serebii, Myuu, Jirachi, Deoxys, Lugia and Ho-oh, the other Lati...

Well then read this...

To get:
Myuu (japanese name of mew) - You need the old sea chart (where to get it?) The official nintendo event
you can get this Old chart in EMERALD ONLY... The place where you can find mew is Far Away Island

Serebii (japanese name of Celebi) - You need to join the official nintendo event... On Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, LG, FR only

Jirachi - Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald only - obtained from special event, coliseum bonus disk, Pokemon Channel

Deoxys - You need to have Aurora ticket to get through Birth island
(You have to do move the triangle until it turns to red... This has do
be done quickly or it will restart... All you have to do is just walk
in to it and always touch the side closest to you) You can get the
Aurora Ticket from an Nintendo Event the wonder spot (an actual machine
in real life) your GBA must be connect wid
the wireless adaptor to get the Aurora ticket and Mystic Ticket (fire red and leaf green oni)

Ho-oh and Lugia - ON FR AND LG only you need the mystic ticket to get to navel rock (island 8)

Latios/as - mix record with ruby/sapphire to get the south ticket to get to southern island


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