Ceiling Fan Light/outlet On Same Circuit. Fan Light Works Only When Device Is Plugged Into Outlet And Is On. Can You Help?


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 The first thing you need to check is if the outlet is working correctly and if the wires haven't come loose at either the fan from vibration or the outlet for some reason. Since you said that this just occurred one day. But It sounds to me like your ceiling fan is wired incorrectly or the outlet is.  The black or red wire should be on the brass terminal to the outlet and white wire on the silver wire you then need to make sure that the power is being fed to the fan with out passing through the out let meaning the wire for the fan shouldn't be connected into the outlet.  If power is fed first to the outlet before the fan.  Turn the power off and check first by plugging a known properly functioning device on and make sure there is no power.  Now take the black wire which is the hot wire and pull into outlet box.  Cut wire and slice the wire going to the fan into it and then pull a new jumper wire into the outlet use a red wire nut and electrical tape to ensure the security of the jumpered wires.  Do the same for the neutral or white wire.  This should do the trick.  If you are unsure of doing any of this I highly recommend finding a handyman or electrician.  

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