How Do You Download/update Symantec Program Version And Virus Deffination Files?


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There are two methods for update your Symantec antivirus program.
One is that download virus definition and can run after disconnecting the internet and second is live update from the program.

For this First of all go to the Symantec website. That is On the main page there is Heading "Small & mid sized business" under this heading there is a heading "Downloads". Under downloads heading there is a link "virus definitions". Just click on this link. There are links about virus definitions.If you are confused then you can directly go to from this link.
There is a link 20070618-019-i32.exe under the filename heading. Just click on that link.
The file will be started to download. Just save that file on your computer. This may take some time depends on your net speed. After download the file . Just run the file. The file will be run and search out the program and update your Symantec program. Now you can scan your computer for viruses.

You can update your Symantec antivirus program directly from the Symantec program. There is a option in the program of live update. Just click on the button of live update. Your program will be starting update. You must have to connect internet for update program.

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