Are There Any Special Chat Rooms That I Could Get Involved In;dealing With Desires For Ab/dl's To Chat With Special Mommies,coinciding With Maybe To Meet Locally(Salem,Roanoke)area For Age Role Play Just From Chatting With A Mommy?


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Ellie Hoe answered
Well there are several chat rooms which explore those fantasies that you can find on MIRC or other websites as well. If you want free chat rooms you may want to try the server on MIRC. All you have to do is type /s in the status window on MIRC and you will be connected to their server. Then type /list in the status window and you will be given a list of all chatrooms on that server. I suppose it will be easier for you to navigate from there. If you are into erotic hypnosis fetish you might as well try the adult hypnotic wishes chat server on irc as well. There you can explore AB/DL roleplay fetishes too.

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