What Are Chat Rooms?


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Chat rooms are so you can talk to strangers!
And people yuo know!
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Hi every one are yous still on
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Chat rooms are venues where communities of users can communicate with each other in real time through a computer. Thus it is a website, a part of a web site or a part of an online service. A user just enters a chat room, types a message and sends it and then the interested or the concern person would reply to it instantaneously.

You can even chat under a bogus name. but anybody can access your message and it is necessary to be careful and cautious. Thus it can be addressed as an online forum. Thus it is a term in mass media that explain any form of synchronous conferencing.
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A Chat Room is a room where people talk with each other about different topics and share their things like videos, music, files etc. This kind of chat rooms is available in the internet in many ways and kinds. It's available in all kind of countries, mean to say it is developed by the local user or a government institutes to provide the entertainment to local users, and to facilitate the net users. The Net users can jus connect their internet and connecting the internet they can just login to their desire chat server and give them their login name and user name to make a perfect chat.

As they login there are several chat rooms available in the chat server, they can click to their desire chat room and get start the chat. In the chat room there are a lot of people just to chat, the rooms are always mentioned by the name like India Chat Room, USA chat room, UK chat room etc. And all the people from different countries can join the any room according to their desire.
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a place where you can talk to people online.

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