How Can I Get Lesbian Sites To Chat With People From Nigeria?


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If you're looking to chat with lesbians in Nigeria and having trouble finding people, then there are several sites (and indeed phone apps) that allow you to filter your choices based on gender, country etc... maybe you should try them?

Finding lesbians to chat with in Nigeria (or anywhere for that matter)
One of these is Tinder, and is available on both android and iOS devices. Basically you get to set the criteria that you want to search for and then you look through users photos either rejecting or liking them. If that person also likes you, it tells you it's a match and you are able to start chatting with them immediately.
If you planned on using Tinder, you would create a profile for yourself as a female, and then when it asks about the gender you're interested in seeing, you'd select female.
Making friends and online dating in Nigeria

Another phone app that is available to Nigeria users is epenpal, though I think I am right in saying that this is android only. I have a friend who met his fiancee on this app, so don't be fooled by the name. I know you are able to filter by country and gender (also age) and can start chatting on the app then move to easier methods (kik etc) when you feel comfortable.

On the internet check out interpals, that's another good site where although generally thought of as a friendship site, has many people looking for relationships etc. Again you can filter by country, age, gender etc.

I hope that helps.

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I think your problem can be solved with any dating service. Personally, I prefer this one I know that LGDT people face many difficulties when they try to find love. Hopefully, the technologies of the modern world help us with it

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