Best Sports Bid .com Has Anyone Tried This?


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Yes, I've tried the site and won one item when they first started but the bidding was high.   Don't seem to be that much traffic any more and bids have dropped off.   When the bidding is low   I've noticed one individual is winning most of the items for bid. Checking and calculating the cost of items and the fact that each bid costs a bidder $0.60 I came to the conclusion that a site owner or Representative is jacking up the bids. Example, take an item that retails for $120.00. Although I'm sure the site does not pay retail for the items but as an example to break even on the $120.00 the site would need to receive 200 bids which would be $2.00 as winning bid price, I'll call it the ceiling.. If the bidding does not reach the ceiling the winner over and over is the same person using an auto bidder.   I can't see the same person actually wanting everything won unless they are reselling the items.   I say its the site trying make sure they make money off each item for bid.   You'll see items here and there won by others at below ceiling prices but most, which amounts to most items for bidding are won by the same individual. I SAY A FIX IS IN PLAY.   I'm interested in bowling ball.   Take a high end ball, retail $230.   That would require 384 bids ($230.40 in bid costs) to break even or $3.84 (each bid raise selling $0.01).   Lately bids barely push the $1.00 mark.   Since each bid actually cost the bidder $0.60 which you pay for in advance, it could get more expensive than simply ordering a ball online.   Same ball they show as retail for $230 you can get online fro $130 with free shipping.   I spent $45 for bids, won at $3.65 plus $15 shipping for a total of $63.65 for a ball I could get online for $109 so not bad but the draw back is waiting for bids to get that high which doesn't seem to happen anymore.   I've wasted another $120.00 in bid purchases before figuring out what was going with this "company insider" pushing the bids up.   I guess a lot of others have also, the reason for the drop off in traffic.

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