How Has "Sports Technology" Changed?


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Many changes have taken place in sports technology over the years. Some of the prominent ones among these changes include the introduction of such technological innovations into various sports as the first and ten graphics system, the Altitude tent, the baseball telecasts technology, the Boomerang engineer, the Bolflex Selectech, the cooling vest, the Cyclops (a computer system), the Desso GrassMaster, the digital on-screen graphics, the FoxBox, the FoxTrax, the hand warmer, the Hawk-Eye, the instant replay, the MacCAM, the Piero, the Skycam, the Spot Shot and the Telestrator.

However, even if there is an increase in the use of these technological advancements in the growing field of sports, they cannot and should not, replace the role and authority of the match referee and the umpires on the field. Their judgments should not be overlooked. Technology should only be used to aid the umpires and not to take over the jobs of these people, who are supposed to ensure that the game carries on forward without any untoward incident. Umpires should not appear to be biased, partial or unfair at any costs, as they are expect to be the highest upholders of the spirit of sport.

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