How Do You Fit An Ethernet Adapter?


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Ethernet adapter is used for high speed internet connection. You can also make use of USB for internet connection. The internet connection through the Ethernet adapter helps in establishing high-speed internet connection. The Ethernet adapter is a blue, black or yellow colored thick cable.

One end of the Ethernet Adapter is connected at the back of the computer and the other end is connected to the modem which was supplied to you by your internet service provider. You will also have to connect the power cable of the modem to the wall socket and also do the other necessary connection on the modem. The Ethernet connection won't establish if you do not have Ethernet controller driver installed on your computer.

So before you go for the Ethernet connection make sure the driver has been installed. The Ethernet cable has RJ45 connector at both the ends. The Ethernet port on the computer has green and yellow light, when these lights blink it indicates that the internet connection is working fine at the end of the computer.

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