I Sit Long Hours In Front Of A Computer And I Am Worried About My Vision And Whether It Will Fail In A Few Years Time. How Can I Keep My Vision And Can You Suggest Some Ways In Which I Can Improve My Vision Too? Can Fruits And Vegetables Help?


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When you sit in front of the computer for long hours, the hazardous radiation emanating from the monitor can affect your eyesight over a period of time. Also, continuously staring at the computer screen for long hours on a daily basis definitely affects your eyesight.

To answer your question, there are two things you must do to ensure that your eyesight is not affected despite sitting long hours in front of the computer. The first thing is to wear anti-glare glasses. Anti-glare glasses basically deflect the hazardous radiation emanating from the monitor's display screen, and ensure that your eyes are protected. They are the most commonly prescribed form of glasses nowadays for computer users. This is not a corrective approach, but more a preventive one.

Wearing anti-glare glasses will not cause your eyesight to return to normalcy; it will only ensure that your eyesight does not deteriorate further. To actually get your eyesight back to some semblance of normalcy, you can either go in for corrective vision surgery at the hands of an experienced and qualified ophthalmologist. Another approach that has been seen to work is to exercise your eyes regularly. Any qualified ophthalmologist can give you these exercises and they are effective over a period of time. You should also eat lot of green leafy vegetables as well as carrots. These are good for the eyes.

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