How Do You Get The Last Piece On Counterfeit Island On Poptropica That Is In The Supply Closet?


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I know this is long but please read it, it is for your own happiness, or for your poptropica character's happiness. I almost finished almost the islands so trust me cause I already finished counterfeit island twice, not kidding, cross my heart but not stab my eyeball out. Ok here we go. You have the key that the fill in for the real curator gave you right? If you do then just go and stand next to the door, when you stand next to the door click on your backpack then find the key to the supply room and click use. If you don't have the key and the job you better get the job then the key. But you will want to talk to the right hand guy of the black widow's at the end of the tour cave then go get the job cause you can't get the job if you don't talk to the right hand guy. You talk to the guard about wanting the job or he won't let you into the rest of the museum and explore. Then you go and talk to the fill in for the real curator that is on the top floor in the middle next to some kind of test room to see if you are worthy to be a employee of the museum of expensive art. You have to find the painting that is fake on the first test then you have to find out if the guesses are wrong or right for the art stuff like paint pastel or oil. The  paint patel or oil one is kinda hard, it took me a long time to figure it out. Then when you are done with both tests the fill in guy will give you a supply room key to carry around. When he gives you the key hurry and go get the piece of the dragon picture that is in the supply room go out of the room then go to the place where there is two arrows, one saying hall of statues (I think) and one saying somekind of secure room ( I don't know how to spell it ) Go through the hall of statues and into the door at the end of the hall of statues. Then wait for it to load and go next to the door of the supply room. Once you go to the door of the supply room go to the inside of your backpack and find the supply room key and click use. Then . . . . .  Like magic . . . . . . TADA! The door is opened. The end! Thank you if you weren't tooo lazy to read the whole thing. But if you wanted to do it a more simpler way you should have just went to YouTube and type in this: Poptropica counterfeit island walkthrough (this is if you want it to guide you through the whole thing. But if you want to just get the peice of the picture inside the supply room  you would want to try this: Poptropica counterfeit isladnhow to get the piece of paper inside the supply room walkthrough. I may have spelled pieces or piece wrong somewhere in this typing, sorry about that if there is any mistakes because I am not very good at spelling even though I get a lot of good grades in spelling. Sorry for any mistake that I make. And most of all sorry that I wasted maybe like 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 minutes of your life/time. Thank you for even looking at this cause I suck at fantage fashion shows. That has nothing to do with this but I just want everyone to know that I suck at fashion shows on fantage. If anyone plays on fantage please tell me cause everyone ignores me there. My fanatge username is snowstormcloud. But not telling the password. Ok thanks for letting me waste minutes or hours of your life again. Thanks!
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Go to the docks talk to the guy at the cave exit. Get a job at the the museum.

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