How Do I Win The Lottery On Pokemon Ruby?


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Basically, every day when you start Ruby (as long as it isn't on an emulator) it generates a random five digit number between 1 and...65535 I believe. If these numbers match any of the Pokemon ID numbers in your party (this includes Pokemon gotten in trades). If you get all five numbers matching, you get ANOTHER MASTER BALL. (o.o)

There is however, a catch. If you have only your Pokemon (no traded Pokemon) your chances of getting five matching numbers are 1/100000. That's a gamble of long odds, ain't it? However, with five Pokemon from trades, and one of your own, the chance drops to 1/20000. Still long odds, but not as bad.

The best way to win, is to save in front of her just before midnight, then when it passes, talk to her with six Pokemon that have different ID numbers. If you didn't win, you reset the game and the number will be different. Good luck, because it would still take you about...10000 resets before you get a half chance of getting a master ball.

If your interested in the other prizes, if the last two numbers match, you get a PP Up (chance 1/100 or 1/20 if having six different ID Pokemon), last three digits match, you get EXP Share (1/1000, or 1/200), last four numbers match, you get Max Revive (EXP Share is better, but odds are 1/10000, or 1/2000 with six different ID Pokemon), and first prize, all five numbers match, you get a Master Ball, which as stated above odds are like so (1/100000, or 1/20000).
Hope this helped.

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